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AR-DECK – Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Flooring with Aluminium Decking Joists & Adjustable Pedestals


AR-DECK from Alfresco Floors is a 100% aluminium decking system, comprising of deckboards with a fully adjustable pedestal and joist sub-frame. The patented pedestal has an in-built slope correction facility of up to 5% meaning that uneven groundworks or fall requirements are easily accommodated without the need for additional products. 


AR-DECK has been developed specifically to meet the requirements for non-combustible materials on balconies and other outdoor spaces, delivered at a competitive price and short lead times. 


Available in three standard colours, the non-slip deck boards can also be supplied to match any RAL colour, and with a life expectancy extending beyond 20 years,  AR-DECK offers a safe, hard-wearing, sustainable solution that will complement any scheme for many years to come. 

Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking 


Flooring materials that are intended for use on high rise buildings must earn a European Standard BS EN 13501-1 class A rating. This process considers the material’s ability to pass tests regarding its combustibility, burnability, and smoke ability. 

Aluminium decking is considered an A-rated flooring. The options available from Alfresco Flooring are considered A-2 rated due to the powder coating to improve its slip resistance. 

A-Rated Performance Characteristics

A2 Fire-Rated

Low slip potential

Guaranteed long term performance

Excellent thermal properties

Alfresco Floors | AR-Deck - A-rated aluminium decking system
Alfresco Floors | AR-Deck - A-rated aluminium decking system

AR-DECK Aluminium Decking Joists & Adjustable Pedestals


The fully adjustable pedestal and joist sub-frame of AR-DECK ensures the specifier receives a complete aluminium floor decking solution. This will significantly: 

Speed up installation time

Simplify the process

Streamline your specification

Technical Features

AR-DECK Aluminium Flooring Technical Information  

For our superior metal decking, you can access full technical information here.  

Aluminium Sub-Frame Technical Information 

Slope Correction of up to 5% possible with all pedestal models

Build up range is 59 - 136mm, excluding deckboards, depending on combination of pedestal model and joist

Technical Data

Material Aluminium 5251 H22

Minimum height 8mm from floors to understand of joist

Rated load capacity 500kg

Fire classification A1 (100% aluminium construction)

Alfresco Floors - AR-DECK- Adjustment Range - Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Deck Boards Technical Information


The AR-Deck system has a life expectancy of over 20 years and is a truly sustainable solution made from recycled & 100% recyclable aluminium.


Technical Data

  • Material
  • Anti-slip pendulum test
  • Rated load capacity
  • Fire classification
  • Loading deflection (kN / m2)
  • 74kg/m2 (Boards only)
  • Aluminium 6063 T6, EN755/9
  • BS 7976-2:2002
  • 7o—R12 (Safe), DIN 51130:2014
  • A2FL-s1, EN 13501-1:2018

Aluminium Metal Decking: The Green Credentials


Sustainability is a key component of the entire lifecycle of a building project, whether in specification, build operational efficiencies and occupant wellbeing.

As a result, aluminium is becoming a popular construction material for numerous projects.

Here are just some of the sustainable benefits of aluminium:

Easy to transport, reducing environmental impact and cost of transportation

100% recycled and 100% recyclable

Incredibly long lifespan

Durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, reducing the need to replace over time

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