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Is Aluminium Decking Non-Combustible?

Alfresco Floors | Is Aluminium Decking Non-Combustible?

Is Aluminium Decking Non-Combustible?

Alfresco Floors | Is Aluminium Decking Non-Combustible?

The type of external flooring that is used in high-rise construction is incredibly important to meet current UK fire rated flooring regulations and of course, for the safety of individuals.  Non-combustible decking is required in order to pass fire inspections upon completion of the building. Fortunately, non-combustible aluminium decking combines style with functionality. It can meet all of the UK fire regulations and ensure the external flooring looks pleasing for years to come.

What Are The UK’s Fire Regulations For “Specified Attachments”?

Current UK fire regulations require buildings over 18 metres in height to use non-combustible, A-rated flooring on specified attachments. Specified attachments include roof gardens, balconies, walkways, and other exterior areas that can be accessed by tenants.

Buildings that are less than 18 metres in height are permitted to use B-rated flooring but B-rated flooring is not permitted on high rise buildings due to it’s contribution to fire.

All external flooring is reviewed by a fire inspector. The installation of the product is equally important as the product itself; an incorrect installation will be a factor in whether remedial action is required for the external floor to pass the inspection.

What Makes Aluminium Decking Non-Combustible?

Aluminium decking is naturally non-combustible. As a metal, it can be heated to a high temperature without fear of producing flames or smoke. In order to earn the title of non-combustible, the aluminium alloys that are used to create the decking must pass a series of tests.

Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors

How Is Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking Tested For Fire Safety?

Flooring materials that will be installed on high rise buildings must earn a European Standard BS EN 13501-1 class A rating. The rigorous testing process will consider the material’s ability to pass tests regarding its combustibility, burnability, and smoke ability. Once the class A rating is received, the rating will be further broken down into A1 and A2. A1 explains the material will not produce any smoke or spread any flames whereas A2 means the material can produce small amounts of smoke.

Is Aluminium Decking An A-Rated Flooring?

Aluminium decking is considered an A-rated flooring. The options available from Alfresco Flooring are considered A-2 rated due to the powder coating.

What Aluminum Fire Rated Flooring Options Are Available?

Alfresco Floors supplies aluminium decking that can serve your exact needs. Whether you are the building owner, architect, or contractor, we have the flooring materials you need to meet all UK fire regulations for high rise buildings.

With a 25-year manufacturer warranty, you can expect this non-combustible decking to last for years to come. It can handle most weather conditions and offers low-slip potential to tenants. Better still, we have the -A-rated decking pedestals you need to securely install this external flooring. With the combination of our aluminium decking and A-Ped pedestals, you will not have to worry about meeting the current UK fire regulations. Our hands-on expertise with all types of external floor means that we can advise on the best installation techniques.

Contact our experienced team today with any questions you may have about our aluminium decking options or to request pricing.

Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors


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