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The Most Sustainable Solutions for Fire Safety on High-Rise Buildings in the UK

The Most Sustainable Solutions for Fire Safety on High-Rise Buildings in the UK

The Most Sustainable Solutions for Fire Safety on High-Rise Buildings in the UK

The Most Sustainable Solutions for Fire Safety on High-Rise Buildings in the UK

As time goes on, the world as a whole is understanding the importance of moving toward a more sustainable future. It’s important for every individual and business to do their part to create a more sustainable future.

The United Kingdom government has already implemented a sustainability plan that will achieve better supply chain practices and implement a 25-year environmental clean-up plan. With nearly 50% of all rubbish recycled in the UK, it’s easier than ever to create sustainable solutions.

We have invested in R&D and created the most sustainable fire safety materials for high rise buildings in the UK. We believe in doing our part to be sustainable and will also ensure your clients and end-users remain safe in the event of a fire.

Sustainable Solutions for High Rise Buildings

Government regulations require non-combustible decking in high rise buildings over 18 metres. This ensures flames cannot spread in the unfortunate event of a fire. Fortunately, solutions exist that both meet UK regulations and are sustainable for the environment.


Natural Stone

Natural stone is a wonderful material for sustainable high-rise decking. Since stone is a natural product of the earth, they are not made with any harsh chemicals or toxins. This means they cannot run off any harmful secretions into the surrounding environment, which is an important part of sustainability. Their durability and long life span is an important factor in their sustainability.

Better still, natural stone non-combustible decking is A1 rated, so it will not combust, spread flames, or produce smoke when exposed to fire.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials help the sustainability movement in the UK because it breathes new life into materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Specifying decking with sustainable materials that meet fire safety codes ensures you will not need to take remedial actions after an inspection.

Our A-PED™ pedestal components are made of 100% recycled materials, including recycled aluminium. This A1 fire rated external decking solution is specifically engineered to work in conjunction with other high rise decking, including aluminium deckingporcelain tilesconcrete paving and natural stone paving.

Why Sustainability and Fire Safety Are Important in Specifying Decking

If your commercial building is over 18 metres in height, it must have non-combustible decking materials installed. Fortunately, fire safety and sustainability go hand in hand. The most sustainable materials to use in high rise buildings are often A1 and A2 rated, which means they will not combust during a fire.

Furthermore, fire safety decking that is also sustainable has some of the longest longevity on the market. Our efficient on-site installation service and superior products allow your external flooring to last for years to come. They are able to withstand all of the weather conditions in the UK without experiencing damage. Most are resistant to scratches and staining, which makes them exceptional choices for users of high-rise properties.

Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about our fire safety and sustainable high-rise decking options.

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