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What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Decking?

Alfresco Floors | What are the benefits of aluminium decking

What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Decking?

Alfresco Floors | What are the benefits of aluminium decking

There are many materials you could choose to build an external flooring application, from porcelain, concrete and natural stone.

But when it comes to sheer durability, zero to low maintenance, and easy installation, aluminium decking is hard to beat. In addition, it is Class A-rated, meaning that it can be safely used on specified attachments above 18 metres in height. Examples include balconies, walkways, terraces and roof gardens.

There are many advantages to building an outdoor deck from this durable and fire-rated flooring material.

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The Benefits of Aluminium Decking

  • Low Weight: Aluminium is one of the lightest building materials available. That means fewer risks during construction. It also means renovations and repairs will be easier.
  • Strength: Aluminium is more than twice as strong as other comparable external flooring materials. This is partly to do with its lightweight. Despite its weight, aluminium is of the more flexible metals. That means it is not only very tough but versatile.
  • Eco-Friendly: Aluminium can be obtained through recycling other products, making for excellent green credentials.
  • Durability: We mentioned its strength, but aluminium will also prove to be highly resistant to wear and tear. This means it will resist scuffing, scratching, and the wear of having chairs pulled over it in the same spot repeatedly.
Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors
  • Weather Resistant: Aluminium will resist corrosion for years. Even in salty air near the ocean, Aluminium will retain its shine and veneer. Paired with an appropriate powder coating, aluminium’s longevity will stay intact for your clients, customers and tenants.
  • Good Traction: Most Aluminium decking comes with traction ribbing built right into the surface of the planks. With most other materials, you will have to add traction with rubberised outdoor rugs or something similar. With Aluminium decking, there is no need. Simply install it and enjoy the safety of built-in traction.
  • Thermal Conductor: In the summer months when the heat can be merciless, Aluminium does not retain heat like wood or other metals will. Aluminium is one of the coolest decking options on the market. You can even walk across it on a hot, sunny day barefoot! This is also part of the reason Aluminium is a highly non-combustible decking option.
  • A-rated Flooring is Fire Proof: Of course, non-combustible aluminium decking is 100% fireproof. A-Rated (Euroclass – non-combustible) Aluminium decking will never catch fire or contribute to the spread of flame. Even in an intense conflagration, the worst that could happen to aluminium is that it could melt. But even in that unlikely scenario, aluminium will not feed the flames.

Conclusion: Pair Aluminium Decking With The A-PED™

With The A-PED™, Alfresco Floor’s Class A1 rated, non-combustible pedestal, you can be assured that the entire decking application is catered for.

Built to exceed a 2000Kg (20 Kn) loading per pedestal, the A-PED™ system can be used with other fire-rated compatible materials (for example, aluminium, porcelain, stone and concrete) to comply with current Class A1 building fire regulations.

Want to learn more about our aluminium decking solutions? Get in touch with Alfresco Floors today to receive a quote.

Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors
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