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The Benefits of Aluminium Class A Decking

The Benefits of Aluminium Class A Decking

The Benefits of Aluminium Class A Decking

The Benefits of Aluminium Class A Decking

Class A decking is an important element of any high rise project as it is a non-combustible external flooring solution, but what are the other key benefits to aluminium decking?  

Aluminium decking is a popular choice due to its numerous benefits. It has many characteristics which make it a great option for external flooring projects. 

In this post, we’ll be exploring the benefits of aluminium decking to help you to deliver a professional Class A decking solution.  

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#1 Aluminium is Non-Combustible 

As mentioned in the introduction, aluminium is a natural Class A fire-rated material. As metal is non-combustible, it is a safe and effective option for projects where external flooring must meet strict fire safety building regulations. 

A-Rated (Euroclass – non-combustible) aluminium decking will never catch fire or contribute to the spread of flame.

As a specifier, you should be aware that certain coatings and the use of additional materials to mitigate slip hazards may compromise the decking’s combustibility. This includes rubber inserts and certain anti-slip coatings. 

Therefore, you should always seek fire certification.  

2# Aluminium is Durable 

Aluminium is a lightweight metal, but despite that, it is more than twice as strong as other comparable external flooring materials.  

Aluminium is also extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means it will resist scuffing, scratching, especially important on terraces and balconies where furniture might be moved about regularly.  If you are using a powder-coated product, make sure you are using a good quality product to ensure that the coating retains its integrity.

#3 Aluminium Works in Any Weather 

Aluminium is naturally corrosion-resistant, even in extremely harsh environments. When powder-coated, its longevity only increases, whilst also providing the options for different colours or textures.  

Moreover, on hot days, aluminium surprisingly stays cool, making it one of the coolest decking options on the market. This makes it an even more desirable external floor system when end-clients will potentially want to be walking across it barefoot.  

Download your guide to the latest building fire regulations and better understand fire rated decking

#4 Aluminium is Sustainable 

Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world due to several factors. Not only is it recyclable, but can be manufactured from recycled materials, giving it remarkable green credentials. 

The recycling process of aluminium is efficient, meaning the final product loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium. Recycling aluminium also only uses 5% of the energy it takes to create virgin aluminium.  

As a lightweight metal, aluminium is also easy to transport, reducing environmental impact and cost of transportation. 

The sustainability of aluminium certainly makes it a favourable choice in a variety of applications, which is why it is fast becoming a key product within the external flooring market.  

#5 Aluminium is Low Maintenance 

Aluminium, unlike other decking options, is remarkably low maintenance. No need for annual staining, repairing or pest prevention. 

As it is also weather-resistant, it doesn’t need the upkeep of other products, while still maintaining its shine, colour and scratch-resistance. 

For end-clients, aluminium decking a fantastic option with longevity and durability built-in. 

Key Characteristics to Look Out for When Specifying Aluminium Deck Boards 

Now you know the key benefits of aluminium, it’s good to make sure when looking to specify one, you consider these key questions: 

  • Is it Class A Fire-Rated? 
  • Does it feature integrated water management? 
  • Does it have low slip-potential? 
  • Is there a guaranteed long-term performance? 
  • What are its thermal properties? 
Download your guide to the latest building fire regulations and better understand fire rated decking


Aluminium Decking is a great surface material for your external flooring. When conducting product research on Class A Decking options, aluminium decking is a great option, especially for high-rise balconies and terraces. 

AR-Deck from Alfresco Floors is a 100% aluminium decking system, comprising of aluminium deckboards with a fully adjustable pedestal and joist sub-frame.  

The team at Alfresco Floors have unrivalled experience in exterior flooring. We focus our efforts exclusively on the products and solutions that we know offer the best combination of not only fire safety but price, prestige, and practicality. 

To find out more about our products, call us on 020 8977 0904 or fill out the form below. 

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