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The Benefits of Porcelain Class A Decking

The Benefits of Porcelain Class A Decking

The Benefits of Porcelain Class A Decking

The Benefits of Porcelain Class A Decking

This month we heard from the UK Housing Secretary that the government was announcing an unprecedented £5 billion investment into building safety. They will fully fund the removal and replacement of unsafe cladding on residential buildings of 18m or above (6 storeys).

Class A decking is an important element of any high-rise project as external flooring now must conform to non-combustible standards due to current building regulations. But this shouldn’t mean a specifier’s choices are limited! 

Class A decking material options also include paving options either natural stone or porcelain. This is great news for projects where the aesthetic of the flooring is crucial to delivering a high-end outcome, and aluminium decking just won’t cut it. 

Porcelain is a popular choice due to its versatility and durability. It has many characteristics which make it a great option for external flooring projects. 

In this post, we’ll be exploring the benefits of a porcelain paving/decking system to help you to deliver a professional Class A decking solution.  

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Porcelain Pavers Are Strong and Durable 

Porcelain pavers are very strong due to the high heat they face during the manufacturing process. Fired in a kiln higher than 700 degrees Celsius, porcelain is strong and durable. 

Because of this, porcelain tiles boast an impermeable, non-porous, scratch-resistant surface so automatically their look is preserved with no risk of fading, staining or marking. 

When supported by an aluminium sub-frame, porcelain pavers are incredibly resilient and capable of high-load bearing, perfect for high traffic areas. 

Porcelain Characteristics

Made from clay, porcelain tiles can be relatively thin (20mm) compared to other paving whilst still maintaining its hard-wearing characteristics. This makes porcelain lighter than concrete and stone pavers, which also improves overall installation as they are easier to carry and position yet still weighty enough to hold the tile in position once laid.

The factory process also ensures a perfectly rectified tile, meaning you do not have to compensate for differences in height like you do with natural stone. This makes the installation process much easier and means you won’t miss non-fire-rated rubber shims if you are specifying a fully Class A-rated terrace.

Download your guide to the latest building fire regulations and better understand fire rated decking

Porcelain is Ideal for External Flooring 

Porcelain is non-porous, which means it is resistant to moss or mould growth. This is important when we consider external flooring as the more water-absorbing a material, the more maintenance and care needs to be taken with it. 

Due to the same attribute, porcelain also does not suffer from freeze-thaw damage. 

Finally, porcelain doesn’t require any sealant or glazing to seal its surface due to its non-porous nature, meaning porcelain trumps many other surface materials which often stain or fade without sealants. 

Porcelain Provides a Versatile Aesthetic 

One of porcelain’s best features is its versatility. It can be manufactured in many ways to achieve a range of aesthetic finishes, including emulating other decking options, from concrete to wood. 

The colours, textures, and styles you can achieve with porcelain are dazzling, giving architects an exceptional catalogue of design options to create a stunning external terrace or balcony, normally with options to match internal tiles to create indoor-outdoor schemes.


Porcelain paving can make for a striking decking option while also featuring many other important elements ideal for external flooring applications. 

A quick note we would like to finish on is that when it comes to specifying porcelain, not all porcelain is created equal. For ultimate quality and longevity, we recommend Italian-made porcelain pavers.  

Download your guide to the latest building fire regulations and better understand fire rated decking

AR-Pave Class A-Rated Sub-frame for Pavers – Perfect for Porcelain

AR-Pave has been developed specifically to meet the requirements for non-combustible materials on balconies and other outdoor spaces, delivered at a competitive price and short lead times.  

AR-Pave, from Alfresco Floors, is a 100% Class A-rated aluminium paving support system including adjustable pedestals, and fully compatible with porcelain tiles or concrete pavers. 

The team at Alfresco Floors have unrivalled experience in exterior flooring. We focus our efforts exclusively on the products and solutions that we know offer the best combination of not only fire safety but price, prestige, and practicality. 

To find out more about our products, call us on 020 8977 0904 or fill out the form below. 

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