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What to Look Out for When Specifying Fire-Rated Pedestals

Alfresco Floors | What to Look Out for When Specifying Fire-Rated Pedestals

What to Look Out for When Specifying Fire-Rated Pedestals

Alfresco Floors | What to Look Out for When Specifying Fire-Rated Pedestals

Fire-rated pedestals are a key component in the delivery of safe external flooring applications above 18 metres in height.

Since the 2018 change in Building Regulations – which were brought about by the Grenfell Tower tragedy – more and more building product manufacturers are delivering solutions that help you to achieve compliance.

With so many options out there, this article seeks to explore key elements to look out for when specifying fire-rated pedestals.

Seeking Fire Certification

Unless a pedestal is Euroclass A1 rated, you will need to ensure certification to show that the product produces little contribution to fire.

Products such as the A-PED® are naturally non-combustible due to their aluminium and steel composition. This means that it does not need additional certification in order to be specified on a high-rise attachment.

Products that are Class A2 rated will need certification as they may produce smoke or flaming droplets when exposed to fire.  It is important to note, however, that both Class A1 and A2 can be specified on a high-rise attachment above 18 metres.

It is also crucial that pedestal accessories should also be made of appropriate A-rated materials. You do not want to compromise fire-safety with plastic or rubber shims or spacers, for example. This is a really important consideration that should not be overlooked.

Fire-Rated Pedestals: What Key Characteristics Should I Look Out For?

When researching fire-rated pedestals, you should seek a solution that encompasses a wide range of characteristics to ensure you get the most out of your spend.

Look out for:

  • Quick installation capabilities
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ability to accommodate heavy loads
  • Self-draining
  • UV Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for use in a variety of temperatures
Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors

Choosing the Right Manufacturer for your Fire-Rated Pedestal

When specifying external flooring applications, it’s crucial that you choose a company whose past projects speak for themselves.

The quality of project that the manufacturer has been involved in will say a lot about the quality of work that they are able to produce.

On a similar note, specifiers should seek to choose a manufacturer that has a wealth of experience within the external flooring market. Building Regs have come under intense scrutiny in recent years and you need to be assured that the partner you decide to work with has the experience and skills to deliver a safe outcome.

Fire-Rated Pedestals Are Just One Component

Of course, the flooring application as a whole needs to be considered when considering design ideas for your next project. As important as they are, pedestals are only one component of a much bigger solution.

In this instance, you need a flooring application that, too, delivers Class A-rated compliance. Thankfully, there are a variety of options to choose from such as porcelain, concrete, natural stone and aluminium all boast non-combustible properties and can create a stunning end-result for the project you’re working on.

Depending on what your aims are – and the purpose of application – each surface material listed above has its own unique properties, allowing you to produce eye-catching (yet safe) flooring, whether it’s a balcony, walkway, terrace or roof/winter garden.


Finding an A-rated pedestal is easy but finding the right company to work with is a little more challenging.

With decades of experience and a catalogue of impressive projects, why not choose Alfresco Floors as your next partner in delivering a fully A-Rated solution?

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Download your guide to latest fire regulations | Alfresco Floors