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There will always be projects where nothing but the feel and aesthetic of premium wooden decking will suffice, and there will always be clients who demand the crisp, clean lines of a precision installed, clear grade deck. To date, the time/cost economics of meeting those quality demands has been prohibitive on many sites, but Alfresco Floors have chosen to supply the Grad decking system because it combines an exceptionally efficient installation system with very high end levels of finish. Grad is a truly invisible fixings system, with the clips completely hidden under boards and not on show between the boards, as with other products.

We supply the Grad system as either component parts, or as a fully integrated system of pedestals, support rails and specially milled boards. Until now, hidden fix decking has usually involved clips which are individually fitted all along the edge of each board, but the unique ͚snap-lock design at the heart of the Grad system means that decks can now be installed at least twice as fast as traditional methods.

Another advantage of the Grad clips is that they grip deep into the heart of each board (and not just along part of the edge) so once locked in place the boards are impossible to dislodge. However, when necessary, any board can be easily and quickly removed using our special tool, without any marking or damage to the face of the material (an all too common problem with other clip based solutions).

The Grad system can either be fitted onto conventional timber joists, or mounted onto the bespoke support rail system –where finished build-ups of pedestal, joist, clip and deckboard start at around 60mm (at least 30mm lower than a timber Ebema Concrete Paving Grad Decking frame construction).

Without pedestals, the Grad system can be installed with build-ups of just 35mm, which opens up a wealth of innovative design opportunities on many new build roof terrace and balcony projects. The Grad system offers a choice of fully FSC certificated clip ready timber deck boards – these are available in Thermo-Pine, Thermo-Ash, Kebony and Accoya.

Grad timber deck boards are smooth with a very slightly convex surface – this prevents ͚cupping of the timber and eliminates the water pooling which flat timber boards encourage. The Grad system also includes two composite boards, both in an organic plank design – one coloured as new timber, one as a weathered grey finish.

Designed and manufactured in France, Grad have been constantly refining and improving the materials and technology behind their clip fix system since 1988. As exclusive importers, we are now confident that the Grad technology offers the very best combination of quality, durability, strength, accuracy and economy that you will find in any decking system now available anywhere in the UK.